Anavets by the River

ANAVETS 290 - About Us

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

We are the Oldest Service Club in Canada

Although the precise start-date is obscured by time, it is known that a charter was given in 1840 by Queen Victoria to create a unit in Montreal. It is felt that units existed well before that time, perhaps as early as the Conquest of New France in the seventeen hundreds.

Harvey Harvey Stewart

We have a lot of members. Wikipedia states we have more than 18,000 members throughout Canada. Membership includes people who have served as Military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Provincial and Municipal police, direct relatives of members and also affiliated members. The ANAVETS club also accepts membership from any person who is interested.

What happens when you belong:

We are Volunteers

There are no paid positions. Our bar staff for example works very hard and their only renumeration is the tips you give them. Our house mouse, fixes, repairs, and works with what we can afford and take nothing. All of the clubs work is done by volunteers

We have a Ladies Auxiliary and their work is part of the Clubs work. Their bake draws, usually on the last Sunday of each Month help them fund worth organizations like Cystic fibrosis. They also donate throughout the year to help our club with special events. One of the most popular events is our Remembrance Day baby born on the 11th Day of November, and the first one after the 11th hour. Here the club and the Auxilliary band together to make this a wonderful gift.

Cathy and Nadine presenting Unit Gifts to Baby and Mom