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ANAVETS 290 - Events

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

HMCS Whitehorse and HMCS Nanaimo returning to Esquimalt after working with US allies intercepting over 1100 kgs of elicit contraband. Now preparing to assist in the fight of Covid 19. Welcome home sailors.

Our Events -


Meatdraws, due to the restrictions of COVID 19 will start at 2 pm. Tabls will be numbered and each table called up by number to buy their tickets. Meat Draws will only be held on Saturday until we are sure of all safety parameters. Meat draws are run by our volunteers if you have questions please talk to one of our Executive.

Our Christmas Raffle

License Number 126957

Prizes are:

the first prize
Second Prize

We now are having 50/50 draws on Saturday and Sunday, if, enough people are in attendance

A shout out from Monty Hall to all of his volunteers - a big Thank You!

So to Angee, Arlette, Ardytjh, Darlene, Denise, Debbie, Brian,Burt, George, Dot, Jeannine, Linda, Karen, Laurie, Myrna, Gary, Nona, Shannon, Vicky, James, Jane, Julie, Linda M, Moira, Larry and Allen....thanks so much see you soon.

Heading into 2020

Randy Williams