Anavets by the River

ANAVETS 290- Links

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

ANAVets Unit 290

  1. Due to limited numbers, we will be limiting entrance to members only.
  2. Singers must purchase microphone covers before singing. Cost $3.00. Singers will be responsible for looking after their own cover (taking home, cleaning, and bringing it each time they attend). Singers will put their microphone covers on before singing and remove them when they finish.
  3. Singers may bring their own disposable gloves to wear when handling microphone.
  4. Singers will stay at their own table to sing. You may stand or sit, but may not move around the room.
  5. Tables and chairs are set up as per COVID-19 Social Distancing. They may not be moved. Only 6 people to a table.
  6. Nan will hand out your song selection cards. You will now be responsible for looking after your own cards. You will verbally tell Nan your song number before you sing. If you want to try a new song, speak to Nan when she is not busy and before your turn, so she can look for the song.
  7. Nan will sanitize the microphone after each use.
  8. Song books will not be available for singers to browse through as we cannot clean them after each use.
  9. All other COVID-19 safety plan rules will apply. They are posted on the door.

Anyone not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave.