Anavets by the River

ANAVETS 290 - Membership

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

Membership, a Priviledge, and a Pride

Every Member is of value. We welcome all new Members and just a small reminder (will get larger with time) Membership dues, $35.00 for the Unit, are due by December 31st.

New Executive
Congratulations to:
Debbie Allan - Our New President
Norma Knutsvik - Secretary Treasurer
Grant Hall - Vice President
Don Pongracz - 2nd Vice President
Directors -
Kathy Wojak
Gary Wallace
Bob Switzer
Alexa Pongracz
Arlette Kilner
Monty Hall

We want to say thank you to Doug Freund, our former Vice President who has stepped down as Vice President we thank him and wish him well.

Our Past Presidents
Past President's of ANAVETS 290
Left to Right Randy Williams, Harvey Stewart, Len Brooks, Gord Marsh

It was a wonderful Installation

Doug Freund and Don Pongracz first  and Second Vice PresiodentsDoug Freund and Don Pongracz installed as first and second Vice Presidents

<Executive InstallationInstallation of your Executive.